Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mine once again!

I wrote this on the plane ride back to Maryland. I was tired and grumpy. I didn't really want to leave the heat or my friends/family. But here I am, still wanting to know what I am doing here.

Mine once again

From the smell of the dust in the air to the way the ground is so dry, I have missed everything about you.
Your bright, hot, unforgiving sun I have craved for you long from the hell I know dwell in.
I see my solo friends with their arms in the air, almost as though they are greeting me.
'Salutations, Sir. Saguaro!' though unmoving his arms, and his dangerous lips do not open, he says more than the coyotes at night.
'Your home! Now please stay." His plea is not the only one. The rocks, the lizards, and even the few plants appear from no where to give me this same plea.
Wet magic slips from my eyes as I turn away. 'Please, do not ask me today.' as a gentle breeze pulls dust past my face I wish I could give them a different answer.
But for now the West is mine! so I raise my head to its sun, and let him sizzle my tears away. For today this is mine, my Arizona once again.

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